NABIE:  Enhancing Value for Conference Attendees

As a service to our members, NABIE has negotiated group airfare for those who wish to enjoy additional savings.  You are not required to participate, but this is one more way that NABIE brings added value to our members.

Group Air requires a minimum of 10 persons traveling together on the same flights.  NABIE quickly realized that between several offices in and around NY, NJ, and PA, we could easily have 10 attendees on the same flight.  By having 10 persons on the JFK flight to Barcelona, ti has allowed NABIE to extend the offer to our membership as well as select guests who have supported NABIE.  Therefore, while only the JFK flight requires 10 persons, we can extend the same pricing to attendees from Florida, Texas and beyond.

A Primer on Group Air


  • Depart US on Feb. 4th
  • Return to the US on Sunday, Feb. 12th

Group Air is a fantastic option for persons traveling in a group, not the least of which can be greatly reduced prices.  However, there are some caveats.

  • Group air requires at least 10 people on 1 flight.  Passengers from other points of origin may connect to other flights to Barcelona with less than 10 group passengers on that flight.
  • Group Air is based on economy class tickets (no- you cannot upgrade with miles.  And, no, you cannot use miles as a form of payment, however, you will earn miles.
  • There can be no deviations (i.e. leaving early or returning later than the group)

The benefits of group air are generous:

  • Once places a $110 per person deposit, with the remainder paid approximately 40 days prior to travel.  Your deposit secures a vastly discounted air price.
  • Safety in Numbers.  Have you ever been on a plane that has waited for a group if another flight arrives late?  That is because it is in the airline's benefit to hold the plane in order to avoid having to scramble for seats on alternate flights.
  • Traveling with familiar faces!  It is always more fun when you are traveling with a group of friends.